Association management systems have traditionally been silos where most information about the member cannot easily be used to provide a custom per-member experience and solve other business problems. Also, many associations want to use “best of breed” solutions to provide service to members, and the lack of integration with association management systems has made that difficult or limited.

This paper is a starting point for addressing wider industry awareness of existing AMS APIs and what can be accomplished by using them, especially if associations show demand and a developer community can be organized.

This paper will also serve as a starting point for discussing possible business objectives for the APIs – important for assessing whether the APIs under development properly support those objectives.

Finally, this paper should inspire both business and technical experts to engage with the AMS providers at RESO to create a data dictionary of field names that should be common to all AMS and create a common mechanism for accessing that member information.

You can download the paper here: Real Estate Association APIs and Data Standards


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