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Shamu says this is not a corporate blogA very time ago, I started a site called "Matt's Real Estate Technology Blog". For a while it was hosted at Saul Klein's Realtown and then merged with the Clareity website. Now that I'm providing professional services under the CoreLogic banner, I needed a place for my less formal musings on the real estate industry business and technology - and this is it!

I've posted a lot of content here that folks in the industry might find useful. For example:

MLS Cooperation
From collaboration and data shares to consolidation and regionalization, I share some of the best practices that have helped me be a successful facilitator for those types of projects. Blog posts in this area currently include:

I write about established marketplaces, emerging technologies, and about the future I'd like to see in five to ten years. For example, this blog about Computer Vision can help those less familar with it understand how that new technology might change search, entry - and one day even how MLS compliance works. Some more forward looking predictions from 2008 describe and illustrate, in some depth, Upstream, AMP and other systems to support MLS front end of choice, and parts of Trestle - as well as several other innovations that are in progress or might yet happen soon.
Information Security and Wire Fraud
One of the most popular papers ever published on the blog was Reducing The Risk of Real Estate Wire Fraud. There are many other security-related articles on the blog, and others I intend to republish soon. Some examples include:

MLS Compliance
Following are a couple of the blogs inspired by my work with MLS compliance departments:

Data Standards
I love volunteering at the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) and am so excited about the work being done there. Following are some articles on the subject of data standards:

Strategic Planning
It's more important than ever to look to the future and focus efforts on how to efficiently get where you want to be.

The site is searchable so you can find more posts - about MLS / Broker conflict, off-MLS transactions, antitrust tying, and more. So far I've only posted about 40 of over 250 previous blog posts to this new site - more may yet be added.

If you want to know when I post here, keep an eye on social media - I will announce new posts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Or, if you email or send me a social media request with your email address I'd be happy to put you on a distribution list. If you want to sign up for a free account on the site, you can get notifications when I post via the "Track Account" feature.

Also, please update your blogrolls and links, bookmarks, and RSS feeds.

Thanks for your interest!

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